Is Leigh Johnson the Trial Consultant you need? Her clients say YES …

I would not try a case without running it by Leigh!

“I would not try a case without running it by Leigh. She has a remarkable ability to identify the motivations of the parties which are so critical to understanding what happened during the occurrence that gave rise to the case.”

Tom Keating, 35 year trial lawyer and member of the American Board of Trial Advocates

Great results!

“Leigh led me through an exercise in preparation for a deposition in a case that ultimately led to great results. The exercise allowed me to better discover, understand, and address the core issues in the case. She showed me how to step into the role of each participant and to see how each role would feel, before the deposition.”

John Shepardson, Trial Lawyer, Santa Clara, CA

She pulls gold out of muck!

“Leigh amazes me. Compassionate and intuitive and fun. She says “yes” to the world and works so hard, but with joy. It seems to me like she pulls gold out of muck. I would highly recommend her for anything.”

Kelly Balamuth, Trial Lawyer, Emeryville, CA

A talent for removing blind spots!

“Working with Leigh on a serious criminal case, I was first led to look at my own issues that were blocking me from fully advocating for my client. Then she was able to teach me techniques for storytelling and helped me focus in on the story I wanted to tell. The work with her was invaluable. She is an incredible asset to every case and has an energy for the work that reinvigorates everyone in the room!”

Tamara Chellam, Marin County Public Defender

Formidable as co-counsel at trial!

“Leigh Johnson is an excellent trial consultant and a great asset to have on your side. She is an ace in preparing a case for presentation in any forum and is formidable as co-counsel at trial.”

Paul Nathan, Trial Lawyer, San Francisco, CA

Keen and innovative!

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Leigh Johnson on a number of occasions in an effort to develop my cases. Ms. Johnson demonstrated a wisdom and insight which helped open up interesting and helpful approaches to the cases. Ms. Johnson showed a passion in assisting me and other attorneys to benefit us in case development. She was very willing to give of her time and talent. Her insight was keen and innovative. In short, I would recommend Ms. Johnson highly.”

David Foos, Retired Commissioner, Sacramento, CA

With Leigh, you are never alone!

“Leigh and I graduated in the same Trial Lawyers College class (2009). Ever since then, Leigh has been the ring-leader of our local (Bay Area) mutual support group for TLC alumni. As a case unfolds scene by scene, Leigh the director gives way to the Leigh the deep, compassionate listener, the mid-wife of door-opening, liberating insights that light the path out of the Labyrinth. Leigh is one of those few to whom I would entrust my worst professional nightmares. With Leigh, you are never alone.”

John H. Blake, Trial Lawyer, Redwood City, CA

So helpful. Great outcome!

“Thank you all SO MUCH for your support in my Mayhem case!!! It felt great to have you in my corner!! The jury came back yesterday after a day of deliberation with Not Guilty across the board!! Even all the lessors! Our accident defense prevailed! I want to give an extra thanks to Tom & Leigh who worked with me to reenact the scenes, brainstorm, double and chair back. So helpful. Great outcome! My client is thrilled to have his life back! I’m so happy!”

– Neva Tassan, Trial Lawyer, San Francisco, CA

Win big for my client!

“Leigh is astounding; she has a magical touch in helping me remove my blind spots. She has an impressive gift in clarifying an approach to a trial or a case, so I can get out of my way. She taught me the storytelling approach to bring my case to trial, and let the other side react to me. I stumbled a bit, and managed to win big for my client, undoing prior terrible results. Leigh is an outstanding Lawyer, a fabulous human being, and she brings this excellence to her trial consulting work. I will not approach a case without consulting with Leigh, and I will certainly not try it without her input.”

– Luis M. Montes, Business Law Practitioner, Oakland, CA

Obliterated the D.A.’s trump card!

“I can tell you for sure, without Leigh’s artful and soulful deconstruction of the race issue during voire dire, thus obliterating the D.A.’s trump card before they got started, our client would not be basking in the freedom he sits in this morning. Leigh also masterfully conducted the direct examination of the client … Leigh Johnson, I love you!

Peter Fitzpatrick, Co-counsel, San Francisco

Blown away by Leigh during voir dire!

I cannot begin to describe how blown away I was at how effective Leigh was during voir dire.

Leigh’s jury (and I say Leigh’s because I am convinced that each and every individual in the jury box wanted nothing more than to be embraced by her). She asked the jury about trust, betrayal, power, control … their heroes and fears. I have never seen so many “strangers” open up and share so many intimate details about their lives. There was a point where so many jurors wanted to speak, the judge had to say to them: “Just because Ms. Johnson looks at you and pauses … that doesn’t mean you have to say something.”

Iberia Seck, Cochrane Firm

Leigh’s voir dire was superb!

“Charlie’s client was facing the death penalty. Mr. Lee was charged with three cold-blooded murders for financial gain. Leigh was great at helping Charlie find the story. We all learned tremendously from her. The next week Charlie put together a focus group, which Leigh ran. Jimmie and I played the prosecutor. Charlie was masterful in his mock closing. Charlie asked Leigh to second chair. Leigh’s voir dire was superb. She slowly built a tribe and had the jurors talking about whether Mr. Lee, a black man, could get a fair trial from a panel that had no black members. Leigh was so effective Charlie gave Leigh first chair.”

Adrian Baca, Trial Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA