How much help do you need with Focus Groups? I can lend a hand or run the show from start to finish.

Most attorneys are skilled in particular areas of the law or types of cases. However, few have the training or skill required to conduct effective and enlightening Focus Groups. And it’s simply not cost effective to add yet another layer of responsibility to your already overloaded “to do” list.

As a skilled and objective specialist, I can work with you and your team to run your focus groups for you, help you discover the weaknesses in your presentation, and provide practical and effective solutions to improve your odds of connecting with a jury and winning your case.

Full Service Focus Group – If you’re serious about using a Focus Group to find out what potential jurors think about your case and how they react to your story, I suggest hiring my firm to handle the entire process.

In addition to having considerable experience running different types of focus groups for a wide variety of cases, I have developed a reputation for communicating effectively and bonding with jurors. There are certain best practices you can follow in running a Focus Group, but it’s still something of an art form.

Partial Service Focus Group – If you prefer, I can run the groups and let you handle most of the logistical details, including selecting the people, lining up a facility, recording the sessions, etc. This may be an attractive option if you have a local marketing research firm with readily available participants, locations, and equipment.

Focus Group Summary Report – One of the most common complaints about those who run Focus Groups is that they are good at telling you what’s wrong with your case, but clueless about helping you find solutions. So the goal of a Summary Report is to not only identify the core issues of your case, but also to provide specific ideas for dealing with these issues and making your case stronger.

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